Knight Frank Sells Property At 22% Above Opening Price In First Property Auction Since Circuit Breaker

KF SG has pushed a land at 14 Lorong Kismis for $1.32 million, or twenty two percent% exceeding the place’s introduction cost of $1.1 million at KF’s first property public auction since the CB, base on news on 23 Oct.

At a ground area of approximately 3,290 sq ft, the 2 level semi-d property features 51 yrs left in its leasehold term of ninety nine yrs.

“Positioned within a highly desirable suburb, 14 Lor Kismis is placed in an ideal location in which everything is accessible, in the bordering community. Knight Frank was also happily amazed by its craze, as the residence was fiercely contended and settled in at most less than 10 mins,” said Sharon Lee, Head of Auction and Sales at Knight Frank Singapore.

Ryse Residences – Allgreen Properties

The fruitful function was held on 16 October 20, along with a good turnout of around 30 attendees. In light of the pandemic scenario, the event was organized using strict secure operations precautions available using social distancing as well as applied mask wearing by all of the guests.

Knight Frank is the oldest real estate auction firm in SG, also the first to organize a home auction sale in the country. Starting with its simple beginnings in a fight arena at Happy World amusement park, the business at this time boasts a resolute footing as a pioneer in property auction sales eighty yrs on.

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